Things you will regret not doing during your 20th !

"Jumping for Joy" by Steve Corey is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Things you will regret not doing during your 20th !
The best time in your life that you will really enjoy , is during your 20th , where you are youth , energetic and full of optimism!
Here are things that people regret for not doing during this life time , So don’t miss them too!

1-Travel more:

"Travel" by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Travel” by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There is no doubt that traveling is the only thing that you pay for and makes you richer.
yes , I believe in that quote .
traveling gives you a lot of experience and teach you things that people can’t taught you
Traveling is a life changing thing , so if you have the chance to travel , don’t think twice!

2- Keep Fit:

Be fit for yourself , not for a good looking but for your health .
do exercises regularly , eat more healthy food , try to avoid soda drinks and junk food.

3-Do Your best in your school:

"Study" by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Study” by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

when time pass , you will regret not having an “A” grades during your school .
You will recognize how easy it was and deserve , also it will give you more self-confidence .

4- Save more money:

Yes , From the top things that people regret not doing was not saving money.

5- Learn language:

Your 20th shouldn’t pass until you at least be fluent in another language .
you will hardly regret this , as learning any language can let you have a job that you would like and learning while you are young is much easier than when you are old.

6- Make friends:

make a lot of friends during your 20th , as when you are getting older it becomes harder to make friends , but you will also lose friends the one who married , the other who traveled and busy daily life increase so you will find yourself alone by the time , so make a lot of friends so at least 2-3 friends whom will stay with you till the end.

7-Plan :

Plan for your life , what you want to be and but your goals , achieve them and enjoy the taste of success.
write down your big dream and put it in a place where you can check daily like in front of your bed , everytime you see this paper say I can and I will .
Let your inner power shine.

8- Take your parents advice:

May be this a ridiculous thing , but surely you will regret not taking their advice .
I am 100% sure that no one will love you on the world as your parents do , especially your mother .
She is the one whom will love to see you better than her and actually the best , she will give you the right advice as she have more experience than yours and she knows you well too!

9- Volunteer:

Volunteering is one of the great things that you can do , volunteer is not only to give , you will take a lot of things from volunteering but without your control . you will learn a lot and you will see the world from another view .

10-Practice your hobby:

Being talented in a hobby or being talented in something at general , is a great gift from god that you should appreciate and be perfect in by practicing and learning more about and who knows it might be your career in the future!

11-Take Risks:

Taking risks and leaving the adventures , trying something new and crazy , is something that you will regret not doing!

12-   appreciate and enjoy:

You have to appreciate every moment and be happily enjoying it , as you will find that your 20th days was the best , so be happy and appreciate how beautiful you are , take care of your health , do check ups ,attend a concert for your favorite singer, travel with your friends, have a pet and play with children.

                                                          Live your day as if it was the last one
Dance like no one is watching you
Love with all your heart!

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