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Scientific reasons why you should not be pretty

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As you grow up, discover the world, your true potential in life and all that.. Life keeps proving that luck is only granted to good looking people! Pretty girls and handsome men gives what people call good 1st impression. Hundreds of magazines, human development books, courses, clinics are completely devoted to only enhance people’s appearances. All top models/celebrities are skinny, tall, nice hair, nice skin,..

But wait a second, here I can give you five scientific reasons why you should not give a damn and it’s good not to be pretty.

I mean by pretty here, is the form everyone trying to resemble, let me tell you something, there is no ugly people – for real!


.Big noses are good for your health – No kidding!

Size and the shape of noses are always a big topic, people are always concerning themselves with it’s size and how it looks in pictures and mirrors,  more than 50,000 rhinoplasties are done per year in the United States. Which is a big number, relatively.

But the thing is, researchers say it is more healthy to have a big nose than a small one, bigger noses give you protection against bacteria and infections. An experiment was carried out, researchers made two artificial noses, one of them 2.3 times the size of the other. They found that the bigger nose inhaled 6.5 percent fewer particles. The result was positive regarding big noses.

Do you have a big nose? You are a survival.

They say people with big noses are interesting “They are given character”.

.Short people live longer.

Scientific studies have showed a direct connection between short height and long life.

Short men were found to live longer than taller people since they carry a gene that protects them from the effects of aging.

Past studies have examined the relationship between height and lifespan of populations around the world, assuming that taller people generally live shorter lives,

Remember legrooms in airplanes will never be an issue.

.Fat people don’t break.

Thijs R. Klompmaker of the Netherlands, well known by “Wai Genriju” believe that fat people have better bone health than thin people, as they tend to have elevated levels of the leptin Hormone.

So fat people are more likely to have better bone health than thin people! If you are fat, you are not supposed to be broken easily!

                                                                                                                 Fat is the new sexy

Most people look alike by away or another, through fashion trends, Gym, diets.. Even though it is not wrong to work hard to look good on the outside but you have to know clearly that there are things that shapes your character.

Embrace your natural looking, put confidence in it and eventually you will be charismatic and pretty. Turn the table around and be a new possibility and express beauty by your own language. Or you can just ignore these words of wisdom because they are so common and just do whatever you want!

Advice of the week: Darkness sometimes has its bright side too.






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