The reason behind why Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman did not attend their daughter’s wedding

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Isabella Cruise is born on December 22, 1992.
Isabella  is one of the two adopted children of the two famous Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. After Cruise and Kidman’s divorce, Isabella and another adopted child Connor Antony, decides to stay with their father Cruise in Los Angeles.

Now Bella is 22 years old, smart and beautiful and it happened that she did not invite her famous parents to her wedding. As she was seen with her boyfriend Max Parker on 18 September in London’s Dorchester Hotel, apparently the happy couple wanted a small ceremony that only included friends.

Some said Cruise was there and some other said Cruise was definitely not there, its rather confusing! Also there were conflicting reports weather her adopted brother Connor has attended or not.
But some sources said “Bella really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. There wasn’t even any sort of official reception as was very, very informal.”
Bella and Conner in their childhood, most of the time saw media and paparazzi surrounding them or their parents when they went public. So probably Bella wanted a quiet ceremony.

People reports that Tom supports the marriage and paid for the wedding.

Bella got married in a white lace mini-dress and was accompanied by her bridesmaids, whom she met at the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Family relations can varies but parents not attending their daughter’s wedding is rather uncool.
And we wonder when are we going to stop tracking people down and make noise out of their personal affairs. I believe this time will never come. Livelong Media!
First reported by Woman’s Day magazine.
About Scientology:
Cruise is an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology and its associated social programs. He became involved with Scientology in 1990 through his first wife, Mimi Rogers. Cruise struggled with dyslexia at an early age and has said that Scientology, specifically the L. Ron Hubbard Study Tech, helped him overcome dyslexia. In addition to promoting various programs that introduce people to Scientology, Cruise has campaigned for Scientology to be recognized as a religion in Europe.
On January 15, 2008, a video produced by the Church of Scientology featuring an interview with Cruise was posted on YouTube, showing Cruise discussing what being a Scientologist means to him.
The Church of Scientology says that a human is an immortal, spiritual being (thetan) that is resident in a physical body. The thetan has had innumerable past lives and it is observed in advanced Scientology texts that lives preceding the thetan’s arrival on Earth were lived in extraterrestrial cultures. Based on case studies at advanced levels, it is predicted that any Scientologist undergoing auditing will eventually come across and recount a common series of events.
In Scientology the human body is regarded as similar to that of other religions in that the spirit will then leave the body. “Life and personality go on. The physical part of the organism ceases to function.” (Ref: Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary)

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