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Raspberry Pi: A craving for programmers

Raspberry Pi

On February 2015, it echoed in the world that nearly five million Raspberry Pi have been sold. What comes to your mind when you hear something that is juicy and tasty and especially it has Raspberry in it? Let me end your craving unless you are a programmer. Raspberry Pi is a full operating system that can be connected to any monitor, laptop or computer you have and it can even fit in your wallet. Raspberry Pi was launched by “The Raspberry Pi Foundation”. It is a United Kingdom based organization. It is widely getting popular from the day it was launched. Looking at the number of admirers, one can easily pin point to its sensational introduction.

It is not static. It is changing and getting better with time. By the launch of Raspberry Pi 2, anticipation is nowhere near to end. Raspberry Pi 2 is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Processor and trust me it is fast. Induction of Broadcom BCM2836 has enhanced its importance even more. It isn’t just less expensive than an Intel’s GPU, but according to some experts, it fits perfectly for something like Raspberry Pi because of its efficiency. Tip of the day: While talking to a layman about your computer’s specifications, just multiply the installed RAM of your system by 2 and you will find him impressed. The Only thing a layman to all this cares about is the RAM. If you get him there, feel like you have won the battle. Raspberry Pi 2 comes with 1GB RAM. Raspberry Pi is among the top favorites in every user’s list.

If you give someone heaven and you ask for a price more than he is stuck too, you might never sell the heaven you are holding. The main reason of popularity of Raspberry Pi is low cost. It costs less than an Xbox and PS3. This feature itself is tempting enough to trade your gaming consoles for Raspberry Pi 2. P.S. Don’t obey the literal meaning of this previous statement.

There is always room for improvements, though. No electronic device is ever immune to flaws. Same is the case with Raspberry Pi. Head start… Get the basic knowledge of Linux before you devote yourself to this device. Well, you can’t really call it a flaw. You can still operate it, but satisfaction level will not be the same obviously.

Just like all the inventions and sensations, if you place them in the wrong hands, you can’t avoid destruction. It’s like giving a knife to a murderer right? Raspberry provides the perfect platform to hackers. It’s a hacker’s dream. They can get their target spot on using a Raspberry Pi. I mean, if you are a hacker, wouldn’t you like to have a portable computer you can carry in your pocket? I don’t know, maybe let’s ask a hacker.

Let’s be optimistic here. We can’t stop inventing things just with the fears of troubles it can cause when put in the wrong hands. It’s a sensational induction to the technology world and it is subjected to grow with every ticking second.

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