Here is Why you never achieve your goals

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Did you ever set  goals but didn’t achieved them ?

Did you wonder why you never finish something ?

We are here to tell you !


1- Considering Your Psychologygoals

 important aspect of setting goals is psychological

A- Goals need commitment

Scientific studies had found that people with better self-regulatory skills are more liable to achieve their goals

Goals need a firm routine, giving up things – like that tasty chocolate cake if you are trying to lose weight – or doing some extra work in order to be achieved

B- Goals are time consuming

People are always looking for immediate results

Understand that Good results are mostly to take time but will be large and enduring, and you must be patient to see that

-One of the ways to control yourself in front of small immediate results temptation, or the disappointment you have when you don’t see immediate results is to think about the consequences of taking the small easy rewards or letting everything go

Another way is to think about how you will feel when you achieve your goal fully compared to now or yesterday

C- Locus of control

In psychology locus of control is the extent to which individuals believe they can control events affecting them.

There are 2 types of people

Individuals with internal locus of control believe events in their life are primarily controlled from their own actions. People with external locus of control tend to see their lives controlled by the external factors like luck, fate and environment

Now to achieve a goal, you MUST believe you are the only creator of your destiny,understand that most of factors are not beyond your control and it’s in your hand to take advantage of them to reach your target.


D- Reward system

It’s proven that our brains respond better to rewards than punishments

Rewards are primarily reinforces that increase the possibility of a certain behavior to persist and develop

So during your hustle don’t forget to reward yourself, and celebrate your progress



2- Considering Your Goals  


Are your goals SMART ?


S- Specific

What do you REALLY want to do ?

Choose specific goals – like I want to lose 10 pound by 2 months-, rather than vague ones –like I want to be a kind person

A real specific goal will answer the 6 W questions:

What do I want to accomplish?

Why I want to do this?

Which equipment I’ll need?

Who is involved?

Where I want to achieve it?

What are possible obstacles?


M- Measurable

How would you know you are going somewhere if you can’t track your progress?

Break your goal into measurable parts. Like if your goal is to make more money, break it down into phases where each month you are expecting a known percentage of increase in your income


A- Attainable

Is your goal realistic?

If your goals aren’t realistic –like I want to make 1 million in this month!– you will probably fail and affect you self-esteem negatively , choose goals that are realistic and can be done

But that doesn’t mean to sell yourself short and set easy goals!!


R- Relevant

Is your goal and your life are in harmony?

Is your goal related to you and who you want to be?

Don’t set your goals, your life and personality in different directions because you will lose focus and wast time and effort


T- Time-bound

Your goals must have a time table with enough time to achieve them and deadlines to not waste your time on them




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