Interesting Facts About Horses

There is no doubt that horses are beautiful and graceful animals to look at. They are not pets though. You cannot place a horse on your lap and stroke it as you do with a cat nor can you allow it to jump on to your bed as your poodle does. They are also more demanding and more costly to keep. But when well trained and when the right jokey is riding it, your horse can not only confer celebrity status on you, it can fetch you a fortune.

Some men might refuse to wake up very early in the morning to drive their kids to school but a horse-lover would get up at dawn to clean his horse’s stable and take it for a ride. Generally speaking females (mares) are known to be more sensitive and nervous than males but one general claim about horses needs refuting. It is claimed that horses are generally cowardly but popular lore is full of stories about horse courage and intelligence. Can all that be fiction? Surely not thorough-bred horses or at least not all horses are cowardly.

Horses are normally gregarious animals that fight over females but not over territories. It has been noticed that when a domesticated horse is released into the wild, it sheds all traces of its domestication very quickly, reverting back to the wild in a jiffy! And although elephants and camels are proverbially famed for their memories, horses actually have better memories than either.

Cartoon pictures often show horses curling their upper lip and pressing it backwards as if to laugh but this are done so as to enhance their sense of smell. Anatomically, this increases their capacity to smell from a perfume or lotion on the hand stroking their necks to whether a mare is on heat.
The famous proverb about ‘looking a horse in the teeth’ points to the prominence of teeth in a horse’s head; they actually take more space than a horse’s brain! An adult stallion normally has 40 teeth while a mare had 36.
Last though perhaps not least, horse’s meat is sold and eaten in some parts of the world including Europe. However, not many restaurants offer horse-meat dishes on their menus. Many people would not even consider trying horse meat. 

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