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Learning how to play golf is one of the first decisions you must make if you are interested. After this, what becomes more important for a beginner is to choose the right club that would train you up as a beginner. For young ones, they would prefer a golf club where all the people who play there are almost or of the same height with them. Though most of these people practice with adult clubs, it may not be benefiting to them in the long run. They may even develop bad swinging habit which may stand as a big hindrance to their growth. Now for new golfers, it is important that you find a golf club that was made specifically for YOU. Below are some tips you can follow as a beginner.

Play with more experienced Golfers

One of the best tips to follow as a golf beginner is to always play with golfers who are more experienced than you are. This will make you learn a lot of swinging techniques. These experienced golfers also help you to correct some minor mistakes you are making.

Proper Takeaway
One of the things important to a golf beginner is a proper takeaway. Most new players are prone to whipping the golf club back with their hands. You must learn how to give a proper takeaway because it is the main factor that decides how the rest of your swing will go. You must learn not to bring the club back so quick so that you can get a good shot.

Body Rotation

Another problem that golf beginners face is body rotation. The most appropriate way of getting your club back in position is to let your shoulders turn while your face follows in that direction and then your hips follow. You must learn how to rotate your body on the golf course if you want to learn how to play golf.

Constant and Consistent Practice
As the adage says, “constant practice makes one perfect”. You can never know how to play golf professionally if you fail to practice. Nothing can be compared to constant practice. Playing golf requires a lot of training and so you must devote a lot of time to practicing. You must learn how to use every type of club and then learn the techniques from more experienced players.

If you apply the tips listed above, you would soon find yourself playing golf as a professional and sooner or later, you would be the right person to train another beginner.


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