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Almost everything in the world is changing on a daily basis. From advancement in technology to change in our way of life, the world has really been transformed greatly. One of the major performers in this change is the Man. Modern-age men have become quite conscious about their looks. Some follow the latest in fashion, while others enjoy being in their fashion comfort zone. According to a famous saying, “men are recognized by the type of shoes they wear”. However, Men’s clothing also says a lot about the type of man he is. So, a man must be fashion conscious in that he must always pick the right clothes to wear which largely depends on the mood or occasion.

Whether you are professional, self-employed, or even a college going guy, a man must know the type of style that suits him the best. Below are some fashion tips for the 21st century man which will turn heads when he enters a room, lift eyebrows during an interview and land him in the winner circle both personally and professionally.

Choose the perfect fit: Whatever you choose to wear, ensure that it fits you really well. It is no longer news that most guys tend to wear loose free clothes because they feel more relaxed while wearing these clothes. However, you must wear a rightly fitted cloth to bring a dramatic change in your fashion style. You must make sure that the clothes you wear fit well on you and is not too tight at the same time. Whether you are a professional or a college going guy, you must not choose your wears without considering the fit as the fit of your cloth could make or break your fashion style.

Don’t be a hipster: It is a good thing to follow the latest fashion trends, but behaving like hipsters is not a sign of real fashion guys. Try to create a wardrobe that looks perfect on you but ensure you do not go to the extreme in doing it. If you love flashy clothes, create a wardrobe that is simple and also a bit stylish. If you want to attain a flashy look, choose the simple clothes that help you look a bit stylish. Choose a simple striped shirt and throw a blazer up on it. Team it up with your classic pair of jeans and a nice pair of shoes and you are ready to flaunt your flashy yet sober look.

Take a break from your business suits: It’s good if you wear suits all the time at work. However to look a bit different and maintain the sophistication required in professional settings, choose some nice casual business outfits. Pair up your classic formal Calvin Klein shirt with nice boot-cut jeans. Complete your look by wearing your classic pair of dress shoes. You would look smart and remain comfortable by wearing easy casual business-wear. Take a break from your suits by wearing casual outfits on weekends at work as most offices welcome professionals wearing stylish yet sophisticated casual work-wear.

Getting the right looks for the 21st century guy just became interesting and if you can follow the tips listed above, not only would you be considered as being fashionable, you would also be accorded the respect due to you anywhere you go as you are addressed the way you are dressed.


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