Do you think you have strong mentality ?

"Alone" by Roberto Milloch is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Being independent and strong, isn’t that easy thing ..
Yes , if you find someone who is really strong it means that he forced many hard times , he failed many times , he got broken many , maybe we all passed by these things ..
But the difference was in how they reacted with those situations they knew that life is full of hard times , they learned to fail and stand up again , they knew that failure is one of the steps to success they learned to stand alone and they decided to be strong!

Strong people have their own unique mentality, that you really should know more about it..

1-Responsabilty :
Strong people are really very responsible , they don’t blame anyone for anything they let mistakes roll off their back and learn from their bad choices , they pass their hard times alone and they believe that life isn’t fair .

2- Plan:
Plan for what? For everything , they care about themselves so they plan for daily tasks , for they life goal.

3-Handling :
Strong people can handle any situation alone whether it’s good or bad .

4-Beileve in themselves:
They believe in themselves , more than you can ever imagines , they believe in their inner power and their mind thoughts and they believe in that quote “ if you can dream it , you can do it” but they don’t only dream , they do till it came true ..

Many of us have fearing from change , but strong people are never shy from changing , if changing will make them better they will do , without thinking twice they always welcome the positive changes .

6-Say NO:
Strong people are not afraid to comment or say No on something that they are not convinced with , also they are not caring about pleasing everyone ! that doesn’t mean they are rude or something , but they are doing right as you will never please everyone , but they are fair!

Strong people spent most of the time alone , it’s not their choice life always push them to be alone and independent , but they don’t fear being alone or living in silence .
They can live happy alone!

8-Fight :
They fight for what they want , for what they need , for what makes them successful and happy !
Life for them is a big battle , where they to do their best ,fight to win at the end.

They learn from their past , they hear more than they talk , as when you speak you will never learn something new , but when you hear you learn and know many things .

10-Satisfied :
Because they believe that life isn’t fair ,they do their best and got satisfied with the final results .
also they know well that the results aren’t immediate , they have to be patient .

Strong people are really awesome!
They don’t blame their past , they don’t make the same mistake over and over again , they take risks without fear , they adapt easily , they don’t waste time or energy , they regenarte their power and their passion ..I think that they are saying “Life is getting tired of upsetting me”


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