Daily tips to boost your health!

"Meditating" by Take Back Your Health Conference is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Daily tips to boost your health!

-Being healthy isn’t a hard thing , if you follow this daily tip it will improve your health , they are simple and easy to do !
As water is the important thing to or body , you have at least to drink 2 lit. of it daily , it improves your skin , eyes and prevent them from drying.

Avoid sugar that you get from ice-cream , desserts and this staff as it higher your rate of diabetes and also you will gain a lot of fats and damages overall health.
So, it can be once a week but not daily!

You have to meditate daily at least 5 mins , as this will change your mood to be better and will keep your brain awaken and work effectively.
If you can’t do it daily , you can do it 2-3 times per week , and you will notice the difference!

Yes, nature is very important for your health , go for a walk at the early morning or at the sunset , see the beauty of nature and enjoy the fresh air , this will boost your health by the oxygen in the fresh air and also it will help you to stress down and re think again .

Some of people don’t believe in yoga , but if you tried it you will feel the great difference , it will makes you very relaxed , do it for 10 mins or you can do stretching as well!

Smiling is really important it have a lots of benefits , from preventing heart diseases and to be looking more friendly and trustable , try to smile every time you can and you will feel how awesome you are it will affects your mood without your control , you will be happier and more productive.
P.s : it’s okay to smile to strangers!

7-Music :
Listen to your favorite songs and dance , remember the great happy old memories and make new happy moments.
Classic music specially boosts cognitive function.

Try to wake up and drink fresh lemon juice , this will make getting out from the bed easier , it will give the power and the feeling of the new fresh day, this is all beside the lemon benefits.

9-Nap :
Nap is one the great things that will give your power a great push , but take care the power nap must not exceed 30 mins , better to do if you finished your work and you have to do another works after it, try it and you will be surprised by the results!

Sleep deep , try to get out of the room anything can disturb you during sleep , try to switch off your mobile , sleep pure 7-8 hours at night if you can sleep early and wake up early it’s the best way to boost your health .

11-Vegatbles and fruits:
One of the most important things that you have to do , as they give you the needed vitamins , eat them fresh as green salad beside your lunch and dinner ,eat fruits as your snacks!

You have at least to drink 1 cup of milk , to give you calcium needed and protect your bones and teeth !

This was just little things , there is many things that will help you to be healthier and be more productive as well , like cleaning up your working place that will let you finish your work faster , also something like doing a to-do list , reading an inspiring book , thinking of something great that could happen , hanging out with old friends , get a message all of this are really great things to do , think of yourself , take care of your body and be awesome more than you are now :)!

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