Body Language Signs And Tricks!

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Body Language signs and tricks!
We all hear about body language and that there is some people who understands it ,
It the same as the languages if you didn’t learn you will never understand!
So, here are some tips and tricks that will let you understand it and also will let you notice things about yourself that people may misunderstand you because of!
Got it? If not just continue reading to get it!


-Don’t ever do scratching to your nose , as it’s a very big sign that means you are lying may be you do because of smell or something but take care people don’t understand this it gives them a big believe to doubt about what you say.


-Blinking to much isn’t a good thing it gives impression for other that you are nervous and dismissive.
-Looking up with your eyes during a conversation gives impression that you don’t care about what is being said and leaving the conversation to go with your imagination into other place , some times it is not true as it may be thinking in the conversation and taking decision for what is being said.
-Making an eye contact is a good thing , but don’t stare!!
-Don’t look down for your feet or to the ground it shows you as weak person with less confidence and shy or maybe you are interested for what is being said.
-Don’t look around during a conversation , it gives a sign that you are hiding something or fear from something.


-Smiling is a great thing that gives people a good impression about you , but take as it may gives them an impression that you are a silly person!
Silly? Yes if you smile for more than 5 seconds .
-Covering your mouth is a strong sign of lying.
-Don’t bite your lips as it indicates that you are nervous or shy , you may find something alternative like chewing a gum.

4-Arms and Legs:

-crossing your arms and can be interpreted as you are closing yourself off defensively to those who are around you.
-Don’t put your hands behind your back it indicates that you are hiding something!
-Make a strong handshake shake show your confidence , but don’t broke the other arms
-Steeple your hands is an intelligent and smart sign shows a lot of confidence and relaxtion.


-Most of people pick at their nails when they are in stress or nervous , may be it’s something that you do without control , but you must watch yourself and control this as you are not nervous , even if don’t show that to others.
-Also biting your nails shows that you are shy or nervous , as the same of biting your lips!


-Playing with your hair may be makes you feel good , but it’s a sign of being nervous!

Now you got the basics about body language , write them in notes and watch out your behavior and what you do .
It will really help you in your social life and in career interviews very much .

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