9 jobs to help you travel

traveling "På ski i Trysil" by Trysil is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Are you interested in traveling?

Exploring the world and getting to know new cultures is becoming a the new hype

but talking about traveling means talking about draining your bank account, quitting stable job and jump to the land of unknown

Actually it shouldn’t be that hard, and all people should have the right to explore the planet they live in ,

So here are 9 interesting jobs that will offer you to travel and Finance your adventure :


1 – Teach English

Those who speak English have a huge privilege in the modern world, they are speaking English !

Teaching English in  foreign countries will allow you to explore the world because there’s a huge demand English teachers , and luckily all what you need is a certification!


2- WWooF

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms , network of national organizations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms placed in 99 different countries

You will work for certain amount of time for room and food and no prior experience in needed !


3- Tour Guide

Are you friendly? , have good memorizing skills ? love to explain things to people ?

You should work as a tour guide where you get to be in different foreign countries revealing the beauty of their culture and history to tourists


4- Become a Yachtie

Sounds crazy right ?

To travel the word in the middle of the sea with all dangers and adventures we saw in Hollywood movies

Yachties get paid a generous amount of money because of their working requirement, Crazy long hours , bizarre conditions, sometimes dangerous ones

So if you are and outgoing adrenalin junkie who loves exploring , this is for you


5- Au Pair

Do you love children ? let me say it right , can you handle children ?

Au Pair is a nanny who is from a foreign country, working for and living as a part of the host family

Your chance gets better if you can teach kids a new language or skills , but take care contracts start from 6 months and up


6- Cruise Ship 

back to ocean!

cruise ships hire all the time, they have around 1237 jobs right at this moment, they even hire cupcakes supervisors !

What are you waiting for ?


7- translators

If you are fluent in more than one language, you have a  good chance to travel . companies and tour guides for example  will need your assistance, but it requires certifications



8 Seasonal jobs 

another popular choice to travel is taking a seasonal job, like fruits and vegetables picking , though the working hours might be long but the demand is high and it’s a total new experience that will help you travel the world

if you are looking for something more active and cold , you may consider becoming a ski instructor, France and Canada are the common destinations for that


9 – flight attendance

Flight discounts for you and your family, every 3 days you are in a new country and more

flight attendance is a clear choice to those who are all about travelling.

The problem is that most companies will only accept those with certifications and sometimes prior experience is requested.


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