8 things only INTP personality will understand


Being one of the very few 3% of population is difficult!

INTP personality is one of Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 16 personalities types

INTP is an abbreviation stands for,

  • I – Introversion

Means INTP get their energy from inside of themselves; they don’t need to be energized by outer stimuli

  • N – Intuition

INTPs See the bigger picture, think in an abstract way and look for future possibilities more than immediate applications

  • T – Thinking

They make decisions depending on their minds not feelings. Because they prioritize objective thinking

  • P – Perception

Being freedom lovers, INTPs delay taking decisions or making judgments, prefer to keep all possibilities open

Now you think being INTP is easy, believe me it’s not!

This list will tell you why?


1 – Ideas are everywhere, NO REALLY EVERYWHERE!

INTPs minds explode with thoughts from the moment they wake up, the funny part is they are very calm and oriented with their mind explosions.

In the time people get distracted if they had 2 ideas at the same time, INTP will be constructing a full debate about something taking into account ALL variables and possibilities that can affect their argument!


2- Don’t lie to me; I’ll appreciate your honesty more than your good words

Knowing they are VERY open minded and flexible humans, INTPs HATE being lied to.

Another reason is their sanctification of truth, and you are here trying to manipulate truth! HELL NO!


3- We might hurt you badly, but won’t realize it!


INTPs are RADICALLY honest and have very underdeveloped emotional perceptions; they just don’t understand it and consider it irrational!

Don’t think that INTP will understand when you try to explain why your mutual friend was upset that time when he told him “you are very slow in understanding this, never mind I won’t explain it again!“ . Because for INTP what he said was the objective truth and people shouldn’t be upset of what’s real!


4 – RESPECT my personal space, OR…

“We appreciate those who respect our personal space and we respect people’s personal space in return”

INTPs are very private; you don’t expect to understand them in couple of weeks or so. They like to keep things for themselves, either because they face a hard time explaining the complexity of their thoughts, or because they see their inner world a very precious place that no one can enter.

5- Study is a hobby, and knowledge is entertaining!

Yes you read it right. When kids in high schools struggle to understand algebra equations or that logical argument, INTP will be

having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE slicing those problem sets into their basic structures, and solving them

When they grow up, reading books, watching documentaries, learning new languages will be rituals for them

In a matter of fact, anything in this world is a potential search project for them, even lyrics Nicki Minaj songs!

INTP’s quality time is not with people, it’s in learning new stuff


6-The infamous: NEVER MIND!


INTPs think in a very complex ways. They build sophisticated systems in their minds and expect everyone to understand it the first time it’s explained. When someone can’t understand it, they will get disappointed that people can’t get this very simple principle!, and will reply with “ok, never mind!


7- We are better, period.

INTPs have an inner secrete believe they are different and superior to others. In a matter of fact if you want to upset an INTP, compare him to another person and see the look on his face!


8- When we say we don’t care, we mean it.

Because it means we lost our innate curiously about that subject – which is our ultimate drive-, so we simply move on!





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