5 strong reasons to drink Coffee!

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Strong Reasons to drink Coffee!

As people see me that I am addicted to coffee , I decided to wrote about coffee.
But actually I got surprised by searching about coffee benefits!

Yes , I wrote some of them and decided to continue in coffee addiction and give more love too!

1- Coffee protects you from many diseases :

May be it’s not a surprising reason for many people , but it was a big surprise for me , coffee protects you diabetes II, studies also showed that diabetics were less likely to die from the disease if they were coffee drinkers.
Also it protect your skin and also reduce the percentage to get skin cancer!
Not only skin cancer but also eye diseases..
So , you don’t need to eat carrot anymore!
That’s not all , coffee also lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2-Let’s be smarter:

Coffee has a strong relation with brains , sometimes it works as an alarm and also a good secretary!
It helps you to take the right decisions , improve your memory and your reactions times as coffee enables your brain to produce more dopamine and adrenaline than usual.

3-Happiness :

coffee bring happiness? Yes, according to many studies it’s found that people who drink coffee are much happier than that who don’t , as coffee keeps your spirit high and protect you from depression .
According to that , you will be more sociable and also a study shows that coffee drinkers are better in team work as they love other to engage in decisions or even in activities!
Chapeau For coffee drinkers!

4-Physically Active:
If you are going to GYM , you must have known this as your coach must have told you it’s better to drink coffee before working out..

But have you ever asked before WHY? If you don’t know the answer , read this.
When the caffeine enters your blood stream it works as fuel giving you an extreme power by also increasing the adrenaline level in your body , also if you checked the supplements components you will surprised that most of them if not all of them contain caffeine , keep in mind that caffeine is in most commercial fat burning supplements.

5- Make more money:

According to a study it’s found that most of successful people are coffee drinkers, and also make more money as they wake up early with fresh mind and good health and happy too!
And taking the right decisions at the right time is one of the most main reasons to make more money through good deals ..

At last You should feel happier and healthier knowing that coffee is positively affecting your body, mind, and lifestyle.
For me and before knowing all of this ,My Cup of coffee was my best friend and actually still !
I was getting a warm and good feeling waking up and having my cup of coffee , I was feeling that I got a full charged power to face my day stresses and tasks !

Now I know the reasons behind this feelings and I am pretty sure of all of them , Thanks god for having coffee.

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