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2016 PBR World Finals Updates


On November 1, 2016 Aaron Roy was riding the Bull called Locked & Loaded at 6.8 seconds. He was stepped on by his bull while he still hung to him. His right femur was fractured and will need surgery. He was immediately taken to University Medical Center’s Trauma Center. We captured those moments for our readers.



Having spoken of Aaron Roy injuries, it is paramount now to re-assure our readers that the rules of the sport are constantly being looked at with a view to tightening them for the safety of the riders. Thus for instance in place of the cowboy hat that horse as well as bull riders favor, a rule was made in 2013 that riders born after 1994 must wear a protective helmet. And although some older contestants might still opt for the cowboy hat, younger competitors are bound by the 2013 rule. Another safety measure will also be enforced requiring any rider who shows symptoms of concussion not to be allowed another ride that same night and to pass three concussion tests before doing so. This is definitely better for PBR contests especially now and enhances its status as a national and international sport and any measure added for the safety and welfare of riders and bulls will be always welcome.

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